Planetary Data - Alpha Centauri (Rogal Canduro) System
System Name Rigil Kentaurus Foot of the Centaur
Alternate Names Alpha Centauri Called Rogal Canduro by the Vuduri
Distance from Earth 4.4 Light Years
Number of Stars 2 A/B Stars
Separation 23.4 AU (average) (2.18 billion miles)
Periastron 11.2 Astronomical Units (1.04 billion miles)
Apastron 35.6 Astronomical Units (3.31 billion miles)
Rotational Period 80 years Stars circle each other every 80 years
Star 1 A-Star Aleph
Star Type G2V
Abs. Magnitude 4.36
Relative to Sol -.49 (brighter)
Color Yellow
Planets 7 Major
Habitable Planets One (Helome aka New Earth)
Planetary Data Helome (Vuduri name)
Planet Designation Planet 4 Called New Earth originally
Atmosphere Oxygen (24%), Nitrogen (74%), Argon (1%)
Mass 80% of Earth
Density 106% of Earth
Gravity .85 G
Rotational Period 28 hours (Length of day)
Distance from star 1.25 Astronomical Units (116 million miles)
Orbital Rotation 434 days (Length of year)
Major Moon Nuna
Designation Moon 1 Called Nuna by residents
Atmosphere Neglible
Mass 70% of Luna
Size 2315 km diamter
Distance 254,502 km average Orbit is slightly elliptical
Circles planet Every 21 days Always appears once per night
Apparent Magnitude -11.17 Slightly dimmer than Earth's moon
Star 2 B-Star Beth
Star Type K1V
Abs. Magnitude 5.69
Relative to Sol .84 (dimmer)
Color Deep Orange
Planets 5 Major
Habitable Planets One (marginal)
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