Planet OMCOM

Part of OMCOM's design for the VIRUS units that eventually destroyed the Stareater was a fully functional memron per VIRUS unit . Because of the power of the exponent, the number of memrons exceeded then vastly exceeded OMCOM's original core structure. As a result, OMCOM acquired an incalculable amount of processing power. Because each VIRUS unit had a PPT Transceiver in it, OMCOM was able to build a support structure as wide as the orbit of the Earth. However, he allowed mutations to occur. Each of those mutations eventually resulted in an autonomous entity, thousands actually, that went off to parts unknown. There was still a tremendous amount of computing structure left. OMCOM decided it would be easier to manage the physical elements of his new form by coalescing into a spherical structure which eventually became known as Planet OMCOM.

The purpose of the mutations is revealed at the end of the novel entitled The Ark Lords and the results of the experiment are revealed in the final novel of the series entitled The Milk Run.

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