PPT Transceivers

Every child born with the 24th chromosome has organo-metallic Casimir pumps built into their neural pathways. These Casimir pumps produce PPTs that pop in and out of existence very quickly. The resulting gravitic radiation emittted travels at the speed of gravity which is very, very fast. If the frequency of the radiation happens to match one nearby (nearby defined as a half light year or more) and a resonance is established, the PPT does not pop out exactly as fast. This PPT resonance is the basis of the mind-to-mind communication between Vuduri. When used in this fashion, they are called PPT Transceivers. When three or more (or a thousand or a million) Vuduri are communicating, the residual radiation left behind due to an infinitesimal phase delay leads to an eddy-effect, self-organizing, which becomes self-aware and we refer to that as The Overmind. The Overmind can be very weak and nothing more than an exotic psychic intercom or it can become so powerful, it suppresses the ability of the communicants to even think for themselves.

MASAL invented the 24th chromosome and made sure it was widely distributed in diploid form. His long term plan was for the 24th chromosome to eventually evolve humans into Onsiras, living robots, that answered to him, not The Overmind. However, when a 24 chromosome person mates with a 23 chromosome person, the child is haploid and can still communicate with The Overmind but would never develop into an Onsira. Thus Rei and Rome paved the way for a new version of mankind with all the enhanced capabilities of the Vuduri but never of being in danger of turning into an Onsira. OMCOM referred to them as "the new Adam and Eve." In a little known fact, Rome, herself, was produced as the child of Binoda who had a full diploid compliment of the 24th chromosome and Fridone who was a 23 chromosome mandasurte under the direct orders of The Overmind. The Overmind had some to suspect the existence of MASAL's plan and created a pilot program to combat the possible emergence of the Onsiras.

To counter The Overmind's move, MASAL invented a variant of the 24th chromosome, called 24a, which could only be used to link the person into MASAL's version of The Overmind. It also produced prosthetic PPT transceivers which turned out to be bi-directional. MASAL could use them to send signals back and control muscles. He demonstrated this capability manipulating Rome just before he was vaporized.

Virga and The Overmind of Rogal Canduro was aware of the healing power of producing half-breed (mosdurece) children which is why she attempted to kidnap Rei in the novel called The Ark Lords.

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