Planetary Data - Tabit (Star Pi3 Orionis) System
System Name Pi3 Orionis Part of Orion’s shield
Alternate Name Tabit
Distance from Earth 26.18 Light Years
Number of Stars 1
Star 1 Tabit
Star Type F6V
Abs. Magnitude 3.7
Relative to Sol -1.18 (brighter)
Color Yellow-white
Planets 11 Major
Habitable Planets None
Planetary Data Skyler's World
Planet Designation Planet 6 Called Munti Skyler by the Vuduri
Atmosphere Hydrogen, Methane, Sulfur,CO2,Nitrogen,Helium Unbreathable
Mass 7.16 x 1027 kg 1200 times that of Earth
Density 1.33 gm/cc (little more than water)
Gravity 10.15 G
Rotational Period 18 hours (Length of day)
Distance from star 16 Astronomical Units 1.48 billion miles
Orbital Rotation 24 years (Length of year)
Major Moon Dara
Designation Moon 3 Called Dara by the Vuduri
Atmosphere CO2,Nitrogen Unbreathable
Atmospheric Pressure 225 mb
Mass 3.14 x 1023 kg 1/2th that of Mars
Density 167% of Earth
Gravity .28 G (28% of Earth)
Geological Activity Fairly Active
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