Planetary Data -Tau Ceti System
System Name Tau Ceti Part of Cetus the Whale
Distance from Earth 11.9 Light Years
Number of Stars 1
Star 1 Deucado
Star Type G8V
Abs. Magnitude 5.7
Relative to Sol .83 (dimmer)
Color Orange-white
Planets 7 Major
Habitable Planets One (Deucado)
Planetary Data Deucado
Planet Designation Planet 2 Called Deucado by the Vuduri
Atmosphere Oxygen (21%), Nitrogen (78%)
Mass 90% of Earth
Density 98% of Earth
Gravity .9 G (90% of Earth)
Rotational Period 22.5 hours (Length of day)
Distance from star .72 Astronomical Units 67 million miles
Orbital Rotation 270 days (Length of year)
2 Major Moons Mockay and Givvy
Designation Moon 1 Called Mockay by residents
Size 50 km diameter by 120 km Cigar-shaped
Distance 18,200 kilometers
Circles planet Every 12 hours Always appears once per night
Apparent Magnitude -4.6 Much dimmer than Earth's moon
Designation Moon 2 Called Givvy by residents
Size 1650 km diameter Round
Distance 75,448 kilometers
Circles planet Once every 3 days Appears for two nights out of three
Apparent Magnitude -10.3 Dimmer than Earth's moon
Planetary Data Grentadar
Planet Designation Planet 3 Called Grentadar by the Vuduri
Atmosphere Hydrogen, Helium, Methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Water Unbreathable
Mass 3.7 x 1027 kg 600 times that of Earth
Density 1.31 gm/cc (little more than water)
Gravity 5.15 G
Rotational Period 9 hours (Length of day)
Distance from star 3.64 Astronomical Units 338 million miles
Orbital Rotation 14 years (Length of year)
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