Weapons of the Future


  • Plasma Pistol - small PPT Generator-driven hand weapon - shoots controllable (adjustable) beam of plasma. Since it uses PPT Generators at its core, it essentially never runs out of fuel
  • PPT Thrower/Rifle - PPT Throwers can be adapted into deadly weapons
  • Electrostatic Charge Disrupters - basically they throw lightning bolts at objects
  • Magnetic Pulse Cannons - EMP shaped pulse cannons. Reduces anything electronic to smoking ruins


  • Particle Beam Cannon - Drilling rigs convert to particle beam cannons. They vaporize large swatchs of ground.
  • Laser Pulse Rifle - Powerful laser rifles. They do not emit a continuous beam, rather short bursts of far more powerful laser light.
  • Flamethrowers - These were selected because the fuel for them could be frozen for many centuries and when thawed, still be volatile and effective.
  • Mini-nukes - Small atom bombs. Tactical in nature. Yield is just three tenths of a kiloton of explosive power.

Hanry Ta Jihn:

  • Vorasdock - actually just M4 Carbine rifles stored in perfect conditions for 600 years


  • PPT Thrower/Cannon - MINIMCOM adapted his "roadgrader" PPT Throwers to become cannons. They could level a square kilometer in under one second.
  • "Weaponized" VIRUS Units - special version of VIRUS units that can communicate with Rome and Rei. They use a hierarchical management structure with the supervisory units referred to as "queens." These units can operate within an oxygen atmosphere.
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